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Take feed management to a whole new level with TAP FEED

Feeding your cows is an integral part of your day. Feeding them consistently is arguably the most important part of your day. Topcon has feed solutions to make your processes seamless and your rations accurate and consistent. Every time.

The benefits of Topcon Feed Management

The benefits of TAP on your farm are immeasurable. Below are just of few ways you win by implementing it.

Healthier cows

TAP is a cloud-based feed management tool that integrates feed management software with your feed mixer scales. It offers precision management, meaning your cows are fed consistent rations, with less refusals or shrink.

Quality Assured

Controlled feed costs

As the process of feeding your herd represents over 50 percent of operating costs, TAP is designed to help reduce the most significant inputs – fuel, feed ingredients, and time.

Easy to Use

Increased production

Healthier cows make for more productive cows. TAP FEED was developed to help, and using it means far better production because you’re managing ingredients and delivery with your nutritionist. Better production and a better bottom line. That’s Topcon.


The impact of TAP Feed on Misty Morning Dairy

By implementing TAP Feed, Washington-based Misty Morning Dairy is managing costs in their operation, while also keeping the herd fed consistently. For them, it’s been a game changer as they are saving thousands of dollars a month on feed costs.

TAP just keeps getting better!

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TAP takes your herd to new production levels

The ingredients in your herd’s ration and consistent delivery are essential elements to managing the production of your farm. The TAP Feed solution makes it so much easier. Watch the video to get a better understanding of how you will benefit.

I trust the numbers that I’m getting from the TAP Feed system because the scale is being synced to the computer, so I know what I'm seeing there is what's actually being put into the mixer wagon and dumped in front of the cows.

— Jack Parriera Dairy Focus Consultant at Cargill Animal Nutrition

Learn how TAP Feed users are feeding with precision

Topcon Agriculture is feeding the dairy industry's appetite for analytics

Topcon Agriculture is taking precision management of nutrition, inventory and waste and creating a more efficient, economic livestock production cycle. Cows really do love consistency.