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Concrete accuracy - Say goodbye to string line and staking

Quickly and easily identify high-risk thermal segregation issues with asphalt paving projects with Thermal Mapper. The system helps you to map and visualize asphalt temperatures to improve material longevity and project profitability.​

No strings attached

Choose from GNSS, laser-based, robotics systems, or a combination designed to support the ways and environments in which you work.​

Extreme precision with Millimeter GPS

Millimeter GPS is exclusive to Topcon. Whether you are pouring curb, paving runways or mainline, this technology will increase the precision and efficiency of your curber, concrete pavers and other heavy equipment. It leverages GNSS for horizontal accuracy and a rotating laser for vertical accuracy. In fact, the same laser can simultaneously control multiple machines and provide elevation feedback to grade checkers.

Complex paving,
ultimate control

Our LPS paver system delivers the most accurate data to your curber or paver’s control system, without interruption. This sub-centimeter solution confidently communicates through multiple Robotic Total Stations to an on-board radio hub via long range Bluetooth® LongLink technology.

Technical Advantages

Improved concrete yield due to precise grade control
No more setting and re-setting stringline
Improve smoothness
Easier access to the paver with fewer haul routes to maintain and less congestion
Overcome projects with tight paving corridors or obstacles

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our customers.

Stringless concrete paving | Plote case-study

Watch as the Plote Construction crew uses Topcon systems to pave a new taxiway at one of the world’s busiest airport. Topcon’s Millimeter GPS and LPS make the job faster, easier, and more profitable.

To view more videos, click here to view our concrete paving YouTube playlist.

Concrete Paving | LPS on a Ligchine Screed Testimonial

M4 is taking on screed work they used to outsource. They are using fewer workers, increasing quality and cutting costs by automating their concrete paving projects. The learning curve is short and setting up LPS on their equipment can be done in about 30 minutes.

Technology is Integral to Concrete Paving

Beauty to behold for the concrete contractor is the smooth, uniform surface of freshly-paved concrete. For them, Concrete Gray is the color of choice in the 64 pack of crayons and nothing feels better than leaving a durable, quality finished concrete paved job for others to experience.

Versatile GOMACO Slipform Paver Enables Complex Jobs of All Sizes

Finding the right concrete paver for your fleet isn’t always an easy process. There are numerous factors that go into the selection process, including the types of projects, jobsite conditions, paver capabilities and more. But for E&F Paving Company LLC, versatility is the primary factor in paver selection.

Cutting Some Ties With the Past

Conducted properly, any business can be a positive, evolving, continually learning experience. Resisting the call for improvement can often lead to failure; heeding it can help ensure success and growth.

All Roads Lead to Excellence

Construction publications are rife with success stories, often depicting one man with a pickup truck and a backhoe (purchased at auction) painstakingly growing his business and, after a decade in service, rising to become one of the area’s preeminent contractors.

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