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Ag PhD Field Day 2023!

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Thanks so much for your interest in Topcon. We’re happy to be back at the 2023 Ag PhD Field day with some more exciting technology for your farms, and our plot that has been growing since May.

Listen here to find out more about our plot from Lead Agronomist Glenn Herz.

Take a look at last year's Test Plot Videos

Join Ag PhD and Topcon — LIVE!

If you can't make it to Field Day... Join us LIVE on July 28th!


Let’s get together for a real-time, livestream event while the excitement of Ag PhD Field Day is still in the air. Live from the Acres TV Morton Studio, we’ll dig into an interactive experience as we examine increasing harvests with groundbreaking plot management strategies.

Dive into a discussion of Tillage Depth Control (TDC) from Topcon. Learn how we put this amazing product to use and how it’s changing the landscape for yields from the fields. You’ll be able to ask questions of our experts and get exclusive access to deep discounts.

It’s an event you can’t afford to miss!

Let's do more. Together.