IS-3 Series

A new way to scan

Advanced, twin-camera, TTL imaging total station

Product Info

Fully robotic total station with advanced imaging and lite long-range scanning

Experience the power, accuracy and speed of a total station with the auto-scanning capabilities of a lite laser scanner. Our IS-3 instrument records volumetrics, as-built measurements and monitoring data. Its twin cameras magnify up to 30 times for exceptional lite long-range scanning.

  • Wide-angle, through-the-lens (TTL) twin-camera imaging solution
  • Ability to magnify up to 30x
  • Fast iSCAN routines
  • X-TRAC8™ auto-tracking to stay on target
  • Class 1 reflectorless measurements out to 2Km
  • Remote live video directly to the handheld field controller out to a 300m range


Stay focused on the future

Benefit from decades of Topcon optical and camera innovation with the first imaging total station that features twin cameras and a coaxial, through-the-lens (TTL) solution. The vivid, full-color display allows you to see precisely where your next measurement should be. Intelligent on-board software scanning routines and the ability to do reflectorless measurements out to 2Km combine to create this outstanding robotic total station and scanner solution.

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IS-3 Series Specifications

Angle Measurement
±6 ft. (1.8m)
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range
1 prism
9,840 ft. (3,000m)
3 prism
13,120 ft. (4,000m)
9 prism
16,400 ft. (5,000m)
Full Color
PXA255 400Mhz
Microsoft Windows® CE.NET 4.2
(2) 1.3mp
Image Speed
1-10 FPS
Scanning Max
20 pts/sec

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