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Topcon unites Digi-Star, Norac and You.

From dawn to dusk, you and Topcon. Farming. Together. Feeding your cows, controlling your spray boom height, and steering your combine. Topcon has been farming for more than 40 years. Topcon brings you the Digi-Star and Norac products you know and depend on, day after day and season after season.

And we’ll continue to be right at your fingertips, from the first disk in the dirt to the last grain cart load of the season.

Let’s do more. Together.


Easily manage your ingredients, feeding groups, feed lists, load mixers, feeding periods and operators. Create and export comprehensive reports, including dry matter intake, ingredients usage, and more. Upgrade your mixer scale to one of the Topcon Digi-Star Bluetooth displays for a full feed management solution. You and Topcon. Farming. Together. Let’s do this.

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