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Topcon named among The Top Construction Technology Firms™ of 2022 by Construction Executive magazine

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Topcon Positioning Systems has been selected as one of The Top Construction Technology Firms™ of 2022 by Construction Executive magazine. The list was published in the magazine’s September/October 2022 issue.

In the Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics section, the special report highlights Topcon’s Sitelink3D v2 — a web-based platform providing managers, personnel and other stakeholders with a suite of tools to help them effectively manage, monitor and support their job sites. Its secure, cloud-based data center provides site-wide data synchronization between all the site’s machines and users on a pay-by-the-day basis.

Construction Executive developed The Top Construction Technology Firms list by asking hundreds of firms that provide technology and software solutions for the construction industry to complete a nomination form.

The information collected included:

  • the firm’s product offerings specific to the AEC industry
  • the user profile (type and size of firm for which each product is recommended)
  • how each product is sold (by seat, user, license and/or project, etc.)
  • the number of active users within the past 12 months (by individual users and/or companies)

For more information on The Top Construction Technology Firms list from Construction Executive magazine, visit www.constructionexec.com