From proposal to mapping, design to layout to inspection, our innovative technology is engineered to drive your productivity.



Topcon geospatial solutions connect the field and the office in real time. Now you are part of the complete workflow solution, exchanging data and communicating with team members on the job and back in the office.

Simple Workflows
Simple Workflows

Industry-leading secure web services and software solutions from Topcon work seamlessly with precision hardware to provide unparalleled productivity gains. Using the MAGNET software suite, managers and team members stay connected whether they are  on site, in the office, or on the move. Work proceeds without the typical delays of travel or missed communication.

Greater Flexibility
Greater Flexibility

Do it your way with a broad range of technologies and features designed to support you and the work that you do every day. Our focus on solutions means you can find the right combination of products and services to make your job faster, simpler, and ultimately more profitable.

Finer Accuracy
Finer Accuracy

A long history of leadership and development in optical, GNSS and cutting-edge technologies has produced the superb Topcon instrumentation that delivers repeatable accuracy in a wide range of field applications.

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