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Staying on schedule with fewer staff?

Discover the easiest way to save time and money with your compact machine.

 Supercharge your business growth.
Build a future-proof, independent business, one project at a time.

Introducing MC-Mobile, your  portable all-in-one, powerhouse. This 3-in-1 solution combines surveying, machine control, and data handling – all digitally and at your fingertips. Streamline your workflows, overcome staffing challenges and take full control.

3-in-1 Solution


Forget the tape measure and ditch the surveyor! The LN-150 Laser Navigator and the MC-Mobile tablet team up for one-click measurements. Leave string and stakes behind - it's that simple!


Creating a 3D plan has never been so easy. Use the MC-Mobile tablet that you have already used for measurements and later for machine control. The construction plan is ready in just a few clicks.


Now take the MC-Mobile tablet into your Compact Machine, which has previously been equipped with a control unit and sensors. The tablet now serves as machine control, providing precise instructions to your operator on how and where to dig.

MC-Mobile is the future for compact machines. It starts now.

The MC-Mobile  machine control system brings an unprecedented level of efficiency even to smaller construction site.

Machine Control is not just for large construction machines

Topcon’s smart solutions goes beyond basic machine control. It's made as well for small and medium-sized construction businesses like yours. Manage any project, large or small, with your compact  workforce. Join satisfied users like Knappman and unlock new efficiencies.

Saving time and materials is the new normal.

MC-Mobile delivers precise surveying and integrated correction services that streamline your workflow and save you time and money every step of the way.   
Take control with digital planning and eliminate the risk of errors. Dig with confidence – machine control guides you precisely and avoids costly rework. Easily generate accurate measurements for invoicing by pulling data directly from the cloud. MC-Mobile gives you unrivaled flexibility and control, putting you in control of your schedule and profitability.

Your machine operator can now easily measure and create plans on the fly.

Imagine excavator operators being able to measure, plan and build in a fraction of the time after a short training course. Less manpower required! Our system eliminates the need to wait for surveyors and ensures precise positioning, even in tricky spots such as in city environments near buildings or trees.  No need for stakes, strings and paper – it's all digital. Need to adjust plans? The operator can do this on site, in minutes. Boost your efficiency and empower your team with this groundbreaking solution. Choose between LPS or GNSS technology based on your specific needs or combine it.

A solution that you can simply take with you from one machine to the next.

With MC-Mobile, you have an all-in-one solution. The system includes everything you need to cover the entire process from measuring to designing to building: a construction site tablet that connects all three phases, an LN-150 total station for positioning and machine-mounted active control sensors with a control unit. The tablet can be used for various machines, allowing you to start with a small investment and invest in additional systems as more projects arise. This way you have everything under control

Created for compact machines in compact environments.

Quality Assured

Fewer staff deployed. More efficiency.

Quality Assured

Expands with your requirements.

Quality Assured

MC-Mobile expands your capabilities and opens up new opportunities for you.

Now you can use your compact machines for a wide range of applications and benefit from many advantages, especially for small and medium-sized construction companies or when building in compact urban environments.

Small earthmoving/contracting

Sport facilities

Building pad

Parking lots

Curb construction

Ditch digging

Civil engineering


Indoor earthmoving

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I'm truly impressed by how efficiently the MC-Mobile simplifies the entire process of measuring, planning and building.

Andreas Deselaers, Authorized Officer and Department Head of Knappmann GmbH & Co. Landschaftsbau KG, Germany