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Reduce costs and refine performance with TAP Feed

Manage key operating costs and increase production with digital management

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Discover the TAP Feed App for your dairy

TAP FEED fuses feed management software with load mixer integration. Start with the app tied directly to the mixer for basic digital features. Take advantage of the entire software suite through TAP FEED Lite relevant for any livestock operation and TAP FEED Pro designed for dairy operations.

A modern, intuitive, and connected feed management software solution for dairy and livestock operations is here. The latest evolution from Topcon – TAP FEED Lite is fully integrated with a feed mixer scale to drastically improve workflow efficiencies and provide essential feed management data and functionality for today’s feeding operations.

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • Compatible with Topcon’s line of Digi-Star Bluetooth indicators
  • Compatible with existing USB Topcon line of Digi-Star indicators

What do you have to lose? Try it now, for free.


Upgrade Your Mixer Scale:

  • Simple weight display for general weighing
  • Bluetooth connectivity built in for controlling remotely with a smart device
  • Compatible with free FEED App which provides an easy-to-use digital feed sheet solution
  • Compatible with TAP FEED Lite when connected through FEED App for a low cost, full Feed Management solution

Topcon's Digi-Star 2810BT Display

Topcon's Digi-Star 3410BT Display

Additional supported products:

  • Topcon's Digi-Star 2010BT Weigh Convertor
  • Topcon's Digi-Star 2040BT Weigh Convertor

The TAP FEED Lite App* is now compatible with nearly any mobile device, and available for free on both Android and iOS operating systems through the Google Play and Apple App Store.

*TAP FEED operates as a stand-alone system. Users have the option to login as a “Guest” for a test run before creating a FEED Account Registration.

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