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Nutrition Made Easy...

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Feeding your cows is an integral part of your day. Feeding them consistently is arguably the most important part of your day. Topcon has feed solutions to make your processes seamless and your rations accurate and consistent. Every time.

To better manage your operation, you need a more flexible and affordable feed management system that adapts to your farm’s specific management style. We developed  TAP FEED to help, and farmers who use this solution are seeing far better production by managing ingredients and delivery with their nutritionist.

TAP is a cloud-based feed management tool that integrates feed management software with your feed mixer scales. It offers precision management, meaning your cows are fed consistent rations, with less refusals or shrink. Better production and a better bottom line. That’s Topcon.

Transitioning to TAP FEED is easy

If you have a software-compatible Digi-Star scale head, set up is virtually effortless. You’ll also have our virtual product support team to walk you through the installation if needed. In a nutshell, you simply enter your ingredients, recipes, and mixer information into TAP FEED. The software takes over from there, optimizing deliveries and determining the amount of ingredients needed.

When loading, the indicator display will call for each ingredient, as well as the required load amount to ensure the proper nutritional mix per animal is delivered. Throughout the loading and unloading process, the indicator will record the accuracy of the feed delivery and transfer the information back to your computer. When you need them, multiple reports are available to you so you can analyze and evaluate key metrics.

If you have any questions about this process, we’re here to help!