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The easy way to feed cows

Feed management at your fingertips

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What is feed management?

Feed management involves the planning, formulation, procurement, storage, and distribution of feed to ensure that animals receive the appropriate nutrients for their growth, health, and productivity

Implementing a feed management solution now, for a better future

Effective feed management not only contributes to the well-being of the animals but also plays a significant role in the economic success and sustainability of the farm. It requires a combination of knowledge in animal health, nutrition, and efficient farm management practices.

The benefits of Feed Management

Healthier cows

A feed management solution means consistency. When cows are fed the same rations and nutrients, they are healthier.

Quality Assured

Controlled feed costs

Feed is the number one expense on a dairy farm. Those costs rise if you aren’t getting the right mix every time.

Easy to Use

Increased production

Healthier cows are more productive cows. A feed management solution ensures you are feeding consistent rations and nutrients, therefore, your herd will produce at maximum capacity consistently.


Feed management drives revenue growth

To better manage your operation, you need a flexible and affordable feed management system that adapts to your farm’s specific management style. Farmers who use this solution are seeing far better production by managing ingredients and delivery with their nutritionist.

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How feed management is helping Misty Morning Dairy

By implementing a feed management solution, Washington-based Misty Meadows Dairy is managing costs in their operation, while also keeping the herd fed consistently. For them, it’s been a game changer as they are saving thousands of dollars a month on feed costs.

Taking your herd to new production levels

The ingredients in your herd’s ration and consistent delivery are essential elements to managing the production of your farm. A feed management solution makes it so much easier. See how Pennwood Farms is using a solution in their everyday operation.

A great example of the benefits of feed management is that when the dry matter is changed, it is just a couple of clicks on the computer and all the diets are changed. I don’t have to print out new recipes… it’s literally just a couple of clicks and it is done.

— Duane Stoltzfus, Co-owner Pennwood Farms

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