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Your Next Employee of the Month

is the layout navigator - a 3D laser, easy layout tool.

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Your Next Employee of the Month takes controlling your jobsite to a whole new level. A versatile and productive digital tool, the LN-50 helps you break the constraints of tape & stakes.

And it always clocks in on time, no matter the jobsite you’re on. Your benefits include:

1. Time savings – an accelerated workflow

2. Speed – get to work faster

3. Accuracy – scrap the tape & stakes to build with precision

4. Ease of use – simple to learn with incredibly fast setup

5. Less rework – get every project done right, the first time

From landscaping, foundations, pads, homes, pools and more, find your next Employee of the Month for all your projects.

Thank you!

Components to Make You an Army of One

1. Glass prism as a target for your LN-50 robotic laser

2. Range pole rugged and lightweight for every project

3. Tablet with software to connect and drive each session

4. Topcon LN-50 self-leveling 3D robotic laser

5. Tripod for easy portability and stability