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An easy-to-use digital layout tool

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Still using manual layout?

There’s a much better way! It’s called digital layout, and it’s like having another employee (or three) on every site… even if you’re the only one there.

Digital layout will take you to new levels of productivity

Make the most of everything and everyone on the job site — from concrete, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and more, put a digital layout solution to work and discover a whole new level of productivity.

The benefits of digital layout

Speed and accuracy

By implementing a digital layout solution, you’ll get to work faster. And by getting rid of the old tape and stakes manual approach, you’ll be more precise in every facet of the job.

Ease of use

Digital layout solutions are easy to set up, and even easier to use.

Little to no rework

Implementing a digital layout solution means you will get the job done right the first time. Every time.

Move beyond the constraints of tape and stakes

To better manage your unique jobs like custom pools, you need a solution that helps you and your crews work smarter. Digital layout tools are easy to set up and even easier to use, making you more productive and far more accurate.

How digital layout is helping Crawford Mechanical

By implementing a digital layout solution, Phoenix-based Crawford Mechanical is managing costs in their operation, while eliminating rework and increasing productivity on a large hotel project.

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Finish faster with a digital layout tool

Tape and stakes have been replaced by digital layout solutions. This easy-to-use tool will get you up and running faster, and with more accuracy than you’ve ever seen. That means you can finish faster and get on to that next job. Watch the video to learn about just some of the benefits of going digital.

“Adding digital layout was quite a time saver, quite a safety net. You know you can throw all your string line away and get rid of your 100-foot tapes and all your blueprints. It's nice to go back and reference the prints on site just to double-check things, but you have everything on a nice little tablet and that follows you around all day.”

— Conner Ferrand, Crawford Mechanic Services