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Help slash crop insurance premiums with electronic reporting

Discover a cost-effective farming solution

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MyAgData® and Topcon can help you with electronic crop reporting both for planting and harvest.

MyAgData made FSA crop acreage reporting easy using precision ag data. Now they’ve teamed up with Topcon to enable farmers to use the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) to report planted acreage with a single sign on to MyAgData. Farmers need both an account with MyAgData and TAP. The data is collected in TAP and submitted through MyAgData.

Planting data can be collected in TAP from any Topcon or non-Topcon planter control system.

The USDA Risk Management Agency’s Loss Adjustment Manual will now accept electronic data from “non stationary” scales including your grain cart scales.

Farmer Benefits

  • Lower premium rates due to actual planted boundaries
  • Saving time by reporting planted acres electronically to the USDA
  • Easier claim determination by having production by field all in one location
  • Faster claim processing due to electronic submission and increased accuracy
  • Private and secure, your data stays your data