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Topcon solution designed to benefit U.S. farmers and crop insurance adjusters

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LIVERMORE, Calif. – April 5, 2022 – Topcon Agriculture and MyAgData have collaborated to facilitate and improve access and data sharing involving electronic grain cart load data, creating a more streamlined workflow for farmers and a more efficient remittance process for crop insurance adjusters. Recently announced changes to the USDA Risk Management Agency’s Loss Adjustment Manual addressing the acceptance of data from “non stationary” scales will impact this automated solution approach.

Through the combined effort of the two companies, data from Topcon’s Smart Cart solution for scale-equipped grain carts can now be utilized for stand-alone records — simplifying harvest reporting and crop insurance claims processing for U.S. producers and agents. Users upload the data from a digital scale-equipped grain cart to the cloud-based Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) digital farm management system.

“We have enabled a streamlined handshake exchange with the MyAgData portal for seamless submission of electronic scale ticket records, similar to the way yield maps are recognized today. The result is less hassle and paperwork, with a more efficient and streamlined reporting process, for both acreages planted and crop harvested or lost in the field. By adding a CL-55 cloud connectivity device, the data can flow seamlessly, making physical paper records obsolete in the process,” said Brian Sorbe, SVP, Topcon Agriculture.

“This new digitalized process is a milestone in precision agriculture and will allow farmers to submit detailed, accurate planting and yield data faster and easier than ever before,” Sorbe said. “The efficiency created here is just one of the many examples of how integrated technology is changing and improving the way that the global agricultural industry does business.”

For more information on the reporting solution from Topcon and MyAgData, visit cropreporting.com.

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