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Topcon releases upgrade of MAGNET software suite with new features and organization

LIVERMORE, Calif., U.S./ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, the Netherlands – January 22, 2019 – Topcon Positioning Group announces the newest edition of its suite of software solutions — MAGNET®5.1. The upgrade is packed with new features, modules and support, as well as a reconfiguration of the Office portfolio designed for simplicity.

New updates to MAGNET Field include support for the new HiPer VR GNSS receiver, a piping and trenching module with new capabilities specifically for the oil and gas segment, as well as the ability to orient and scale a PDF directly on a field controller and set it as a background image.

“The new piping and trenching module greatly improves the COGO, mapping, and exchange functions for in-field oil and gas pipeline design and construction. Simplified workflows deliver an alignment, profile, and cross-section set for loading into 3DMC for pipe trench excavation,” said Jason Hallett, vice president of global software business development. “Additionally, customers can now import a PDF drawing as a background image in MAGNET Field. Simply set the insertion point and then rotate and scale by selecting points or lines,” said Hallett.

New additions to MAGNET Office include a reconfiguration of the portfolio, designed for simplicity, integrated workflows, and better service plans. The service plans and subscriptions for MAGNET Office now include MAGNET Enterprise, license check-in and check-out, direct email support, and an eLearning fundamentals course.

Additionally, the E-commerce user-experience has been greatly improved with a new webstore: www.magnetsystems.com. Direct email user support is currently offered at this web address.

“The newly optimized product portfolio allows customers to easily select the appropriate Office software product best for their common project demands. The new Office structure includes five main products named: Project, Construction, Site, Survey, and Layout, which are consolidated packages of the various MAGNET software services for ease of use and bundling,” said Hallett.

“MAGNET Site, MAGNET Construction, and MAGNET Project now include all of the Viasys VDC Modeler and Explorer functionality for infrastructure BIM modeling and visualization, and MAGNET Project adds even more power by including the DynaRoad mass-haul modules Plan, Schedule and Control,” said Hallett.

Additionally, MAGNET Enterprise now offers concurrent login to MAGNET Field, Enterprise and Office with a single set of login credentials.

For more information, visit topconpositioning.com/magnet.