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Topcon partnership with CyArk bolsters cultural site archival efforts

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LIVERMORE, Calif. – March 2, 2021 – Topcon Positioning Group announces its partnership with CyArk, a prominent non-profit organization committed to the conservation of cultural heritage sites around the globe.

Utilizing 3D digital documentation technology, CyArk works to ensure that culturally significant sites can be thoroughly and accurately documented for the benefit of current and future generations. Many of the technologies needed for doing so come from the geospatial world, making the Topcon partnership a welcome one, according to John Ristevski, CEO of CyArk.

“We have supported the documentation of over 200 sites around the world from the Mosque City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh to the iconic statues on Easter Island, but the need for high precision documentation continues to grow and there are many exciting projects yet to come,” he said. “High precision measurement and documentation of these culturally significant sites is critical for decision making, so we are thrilled to be partnering with Topcon, an industry leader in that area and more.”

The commitment from Topcon includes GNSS receivers, robotic total stations, field controllers, MAGNET software and a subscription to Topnet Live, the company’s real-time GNSS reference network. According to Ulrich Hermanski, executive vice president of Geopositioning for Topcon Positioning Group, having worked alongside CyArk in the past, it was a pleasure to continue to support the organization in this way.

”Our relationship with CyArk dates back to 2015 when we helped them digitally document the Sogi Power Plant, one of Japan’s national industrial historic sites,” Hermanski said. “We quickly recognized and admired the crucial role they are playing in ensuring cultural landmarks of all types are preserved in a digital format. Our expertise — providing precision measurement solutions — blends perfectly with their needs, now and as they move forward. One of the first projects on which they plan to use the new solutions is mapping the redwood grove in Big Basin Redwood State Park, in California, an area that suffered severe damage in the recent wildfires. We are pleased to help with this important effort.”

CyArk’s mission, to record, archive and share the world's most significant cultural heritage sites, stems from a desire to not only save these places digitally but provide critical information to aid in the physical conservation and restoration of the sites today. “In recent years alone, we’ve seen instances in which culturally-invaluable sites were damaged or lost to arson, terrorism or the effects of climate change,” said Ristevski. “To know that the accurate digital documentation efforts can play a role in rebuilding or reconstruction is a humbling opportunity. We are grateful to have Topcon partnering with us in our efforts.”

More information on CyArk is available at cyark.org.