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Topcon launches global webinar program to encourage professional development from home

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New series of free webinars for construction, geopositioning and agriculture facilitate learning

LIVERMORE, Calif. – April 9, 2020 – Topcon Positioning Group is launching a free webinar program for the construction, geopositioning and agricultural sectors, exploring key topics affecting the industry and providing the latest updates and project management solutions.

The Topcon Talks series, consisting of numerous informative webinars, has been created in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and aims to provide those working from home with valuable educational resources, while maintaining steady communication with Topcon customers, dealers and the wider industry.

The webinars will focus on a range of topics such as improving productivity using digital construction workflows, overcoming barriers to technology adoption, and more practical how-to sessions for customers and dealers on specific Topcon solutions.

The webinars will be delivered by a range of Topcon experts, with input from several other industry specialists, and cover a multitude of topics including:

  • Always One Step Ahead – an overview of Topcon’s latest product developments, market focuses and acquisitions
  • State of the Industry series – looking at the barriers to technology adoption in construction, such as attracting talent and bridging the skills gap 
  • Detailed technical sessions showcasing latest hardware, software, and web services to get the most out of Topcon solutions

The content series is live on the site, with new sessions taking place regularly over the coming weeks. All sessions are free to attend, and those wanting to participate will first need to register on the Topcon website topconpositioning.com/webinars.

Ron Oberlander, vice president of global professional services at Topcon Positioning Group, said, “Everyday life has changed very quickly, and businesses across the world are having to adapt. At Topcon, we are working tirelessly to help the industry weather this storm. We’re aware that at this time, the majority of people are working from home, and we want to continue to support our customers and colleagues as much as possible. That’s why we’ve developed this webinar series – to provide an opportunity for continued professional development so that professionals can remain as productive as possible during this challenging time and be in the best position possible to accelerate the industry’s recovery when we come out the other side.”

The webinars are also recorded and uploaded to the site once complete, so those who are unable to attend the session can access the content in their own time.

For a full list of webinars and to register to join, please visit topconpositioning.com/webinars.