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Topcon announces TAP FEED Lite feed management software

MADISON, Wis. — September 29, 2021 — Topcon Agriculture has announced TAP FEED Lite — a modern, intuitive and connected feed management software solution for dairy and livestock operations. The latest evolution in the Topcon feed management offering, TAP FEED Lite is fully integrated with a feed mixer scale to drastically improve workflow efficiencies, and provide essential feed management data and functionality for today’s feeding operations. Users can easily manage ingredients, recipes, pens, mixers and operators, as well as create and export comprehensive reports, including ingredient usage, DM intake per head, pen delivery and operator accuracy.

A powerful setup wizard ensures an easy installation, while data workflow is integrated into a feed mixer with a free mobile app for intuitive real-time control. TAP FEED Lite is compatible with a full suite of Topcon software and hardware solutions.

“Feed ingredients are the most significant and impactful input in livestock — accounting for approximately 50 percent of operating costs — so it is essential for farmers to monitor and optimize feed inventories to reduce costs and improve efficiencies,” said Brian Sorbe, VP, Topcon Agriculture. “We’ve worked in collaboration with end users to dial in the most essential features and capabilities of our legacy TMR Tracker software, and now Topcon is able to offer TAP FEED Lite as a solid entry point for those dairy and livestock operations ready to engage in a fully digital feed management solution.”

TAP (Topcon Agriculture Platform)

TAP is a cloud-based agricultural ecosystem designed to provide real-time monitoring and data analysis for smart decision making during every phase of the farming cycle. TAP is designed as a modular solution with integrated third-party plug-in options to create a seamless ecosystem. In addition to the standard platform offerings such as file exchange, cloud-based storage and fleet management, the platform offers a user-friendly customizable dashboard, an advanced FMIS (farm management information system), an image capturing and processing solution and superior real-time remote support capabilities.

Additional information on Topcon Agriculture and its solutions is available at topconpositioning.com/na/TAP-Feed-App.

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