Broad Acre Crop Seeding Control

Proven seeding control

Advanced broad acre crop seeding control for air seeders

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Application control for cereal grain seeding systems

Bring a new level of productivity and efficiency to your cereal grain seeding system. We make the complex functionality of running an air seeder easy through one-touch adjustments and easy-to-use controls.

Our Broad Acre Seeding Control features robust, stackable packaging with ISO capability for interfacing with your existing tractor Universal Terminal (UT).

  • Easy-to-use interface featuring Topcon Horizon software
  • ISO UT interface compatibility with existing tractor terminals
  • Multi-product, variable rate-capable
  • Expansion module for increased functionality
  • Control for air, seed rate, fertilizer and more
  • Industry-proven reliability
  •  Simple to install, learn, and use


One-touch adjustments

For over 20 years, we’ve been a leader in air seeder technology. We’ve invested in providing you with advanced technology products designed to improve farm efficiency.

Solutions like Topcon Seeding Control can increase your productivity and profitability throughout the farming cycle.

Doug Weist tests the Topcon Apollo Seeding Application Controller on his Choteau, Montana wheat and barley operation. Noting reductions in fertilizer costs and increases in yield, Doug praises Apollo for its advanced functionality and ease-of-use.

Consider wise guidance

Topcon brings guidance solutions with decades worth of development, including proven autosteering for nearly any agricultural machine. Explore the range of GNSS receivers, controllers, corrections services, high-quality displays and easy-to-use operating software for a tailored fit.

Take control of farm data

The Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) is an easy-to-use tool to organize, visualize and make better farm management decisions based on data from across the entire farming operation. It’s all about constant connectivity, any data format, clear visualization, and secure sharing.

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Reliable performance made easy

Our Topcon X Family consoles with easy-to-use Horizon software, give Apollo unmatched visibility and control. Combining advanced path planning, advanced rate control, high accuracy GNSS steering, and full agronomic data control they set a new standard in the seeder market.

Horizon has been developed by Topcon to be a unique user interface for agricultural applications. It offers an easy interface with any of the Topcon X Family Consoles. Horizon allows you to move from one console to another and still experience the same views, buttons, and intuitive interface. 

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