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Machine control, grade checking and construction lasers

You need accuracy.
Rotary construction lasers deliver.

Rotary lasers, sometimes called rotating lasers, are some of the most useful, flexible tools on a jobsite. They increase accuracy in building construction, earthmoving machine control, grade checking, and leveling applications.

Which rotary laser is right for your job?

Topcon’s RL family of rotary lasers are self-leveling, feature battery lives of up to 100 hours, and carry an IP-66 rating for rugged use and water resistance.

Choosing the right laser for your application involves considerations such as range, types of slopes, rotation speeds, and other factors. The following chart outlines key specification differences in the RL family of rotary lasers.

Rotary lasers are perfect for:


Asphalt paving

Concrete paving

Curb and gutter


Site surveying

Underground utility

Field surveying


Floor flatness and levelness

And more


1,100 (3,600)

Range m (ft)


Rotation speed (rpm)




Remote control


Laser Class

Long range and
steep slopes

Ideal uses

RL-H5 Series

400/800 (1,300/2,600)

Range m (ft)


Rotation speed (rpm)




Remote control


Laser Class

Horizontal and budget

Ideal uses

RL-HV Series

800 (2,600)

Range m (ft)


Rotation speed (rpm)



Laser Manager app

Remote control


Laser Class

Versatile, horizontal,
vertical and slope

Ideal uses
NOTE: Due to interstate and international shipping constraints, Topcon products do not include alkaline batteries. Types and numbers of alkaline batteries required for each product are clearly indicated as part of the product package and should be purchased locally.

What you need to stay on grade

The LS-80 provides exactly the information needed at the leveling pole, including alerts involving heights, out-of-range locations, and low batteries. And it’s jobsite-ready ­– rugged, water and dust resistant, and usable with most conventional rotary lasers.

This accessory helps single crew members quickly and accurately finish any job from sub-base leveling to concrete finishing.

Increase your Mobility with Laser Manager

The free Laser Manager mobile app puts a display and common laser functions directly on your mobile device, meaning less time walking to the laser or climbing in and out of ditches and tight spots. This increases convenience and safety. Laser Manager also reduces the number of remote controls you need to carry.

Laser Manager lets you use your mobile device to:

  • Remotely see and set position and slope
  • Adjust rotation speed and working mode
  • Self-level and calibrate the laser

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