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The employee you need on every job

The LN-150 gets right to work, right away

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The LN-150 is everything you and your crew need in an employee. Bring one on board, you’ll thank yourself every day.

Advanced 3D measuring and layout

Display a design point or line that needs to be staked out, then touch it and the LN-150 immediately points to the exact location. It can also lock onto a prism and guide you to the next design points. One-person layout has never been this easy

Easy to set up and start working

With the press of just one button, the LN-150 automatically self-levels and is ready for action. Pair it with a hand-held, touchscreen controller and you are ready to go to work.

Easy as-built checks

Maintain coordination throughout your projects. Knowing what was done before and working from the same design plan is critical to keep on schedule and avoid costly collisions. With Topcon software workflows, you stay connected to the same design.

How productivity took off when Crawford Mechanical added the LN-150

Adding an LN-150 to its Arizona-based operations, Crawford Mechanical saw increases in productivity at a hotel project it was on. Not only did productivity jump, the company saved hours of time not having to use old manual layout methods. The LN-150 is now a big part of every project they take on.

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Employees of the month are taking jobs to new heights

Custom swimming pool firm taps new technology for increase in efficiency

South Carolina-based Signature, LLC., was gaining a solid reputation and therefore became extremely busy. Even with a crew of 50, the team was faced with needing a way to get things more productively. That meant ridding themselves of manual layout and bringing in the LN-150 to layout the amazing pools they were building. It saved time, made them more productive and removed any possibility of rework. The LN-150 joined the team and they have never looked back.

Native American business brings layout function in-house

Arizona- based and Native American-owned Terraform Development, LLC. owner Eddie Calnimptewa had a dream to create a planned community that, when complete, would include housing, tribal government offices, community facilities, services, and more, to people in the area. To self-perform the various layout facets of his work — made necessary by months-long surveyor backlogs in the area — his company turned to an automatic layout solution from Topcon Positioning Systems. Long story short, they love the LN-150!

Layout reinvented

Seeking to improve the layout process for pool design and construction, Signature Pools turned to a Topcon LN-150 robotic layout navigator. It opened doors to additional areas that might pay future dividends.

“With the new solution (LN-150) we can just go out and take measurements at random. Once we are back from the site visit, there is no more manual data entry — The LN-150 allows me to dive straight in and start designing."

— Chris Davis, lead designer, Signature Pools

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