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Meet the Topcon Team: Simon Crowhen

Simon Crowhen is a Sales Manager for Geopositioning at Topcon Ireland. Having moved over from the Topcon GB team in 2019, he’s used his expertise as a geopositioning specialist to support customers and build up the team in Antrim. Read more here:

Hi Simon! Can we start with a little about your journey in the industry and how you arrived at Topcon?

I actually started on the other side of the counter, working on large-scale infrastructure projects, setting-out, surveying, preparing 3D models for Machine Control and running into the same problems that I now help people solve. So, my relationship with the technology started as a user.

I first considered joining Topcon after some of the support and sales team came to one of our projects. I was blown away by what the technology was capable of. I joined the team soon after because I wanted to help others put it to work on their sites.

What do you like about working for Topcon?

The opportunity to solve the real problems that customers are having on site – the ones that are preventing their businesses from moving forwards. Since moving to the Ireland team in particular, I’ve had more opportunities to go out to customers, get stuck into what they’re struggling with, and then demonstrate what we can do to help. I love seeing that ‘lightbulb moment’ when people realise how our solutions can transform what they’re doing.

No two days are the same – I could be on site demonstrating for a customer one day, then the next contributing to a high-level panel on how positioning technology can help solve the housing crisis!

What does it mean to you to work for Topcon?

On the base of it, we’re here to reduce people’s workloads by showing them a solution that’s going to save them a lot of time. It’s a big mentality that applies to the little things, internally and externally.

There’s a real shared belief in what we’re doing and that makes for a great team – you don’t stay anywhere for 15 years if you’re not happy! Everyone trusts the technology and knows the benefits it can have for clients, the community and the environment, so the atmosphere is really one of helping people.

What developments are you excited about in the geopositioning world?

I’m really excited about how developments in our market will begin to interact with other construction technology, which is advancing just as fast. Take modern methods of construction and modular construction, for example. Geopositioning software can play a really important role in getting pre-fabricated modules in the right place at the right time.

What does your life look like outside of work, any hobbies?

I’m usually running around after my two daughters, watching one budding footballer and one young horse rider. Otherwise, I would be grabbing my surfboard and paddling out at my local beach. The cold weather’s put a stop to that, so a dartboard and a fridge full of beer in the garage will have to do!

Keep up to date with everything Simon is up to by connecting with him on LinkedIn.