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Denmark - Natural treatment of rainwater

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Increasing efficiency over 60% with a user-friendly machine-control solution

In Køge, a city near Copenhagen, a unique project is taking shape. To manage rainwater for future housing, stakeholders create a highly refined rainwater system. Using a Topcon machine-control solution helps contractor Tscherning to get this vast project done in a precise and cost-efficient way. In this 190 hectares-project, overall efficiency has increased by over 60 percent.

To filter and buffer rainwater before it flows into the small creeks in the area, public water treatment company KLAR Forsyning, contractor Tscherning and other stakeholders develop an ingenious system of small ponds and basins. The idea is to clean water in a ‘natural way’, by making it run through different layers and use plants that ‘eat’ microparticles.

Millimetre level
Since some of the water filtering layers can only be 7 centimetres thick, extreme precision is required. Using Topcon’s MC-Max Excavator machine-control system in combination with a Sitelink3D site management system allows contractor Tscherning to do this refined work in a very accurate way.

“When creating reservoirs, we always get it right the first time. Using MC-Max Excavator makes our work more accurate and precise. It secures precision down to millimetre level.”

- Ebbe Andersen, machine operator Tscherning

User-friendly & efficient
Whereas precision digging over a longer period of time can be challenging, this is not the case in the Køge project. Since the system transfers design data directly to the machines, machine operators can work with great ease and efficiency without getting tired, according to Hans Henrik Larsen, Contract Manager at Tscherning.

“It's efficient when moving materials, soil and more...but also efficient for the people inside the machines, our main resource. By using Topcon’s system, they get less tired. It's of great help, especially in areas with precision digging over a long time.”

Using a two-way communication principle, the data flow goes via Sitelink3D, into the cloud and back again. Having a visual insight while excavating is highly motivating for the machine operator, according to Dennis Johansen, Data Handler at Tscherning.

“Machine operators get a much better understanding as opposed to just looking down at an area full of soil. This way, Topcon provides an opportunity to involve the machine operators more and let them take ownership. And in fact, do a job that enables the land surveyors to pull out the data faster and provide tangible results of what's been done that day.”

“I'd dare to say we've increased our efficiency by at least 60 percent in these three years.”

- Dennis Johansen, Data Handler at Tscherning

Creating the exact right surface. Only moving what needs to be moved. Bettina Simonsen, Project Manager at KLAR Forsyning is happy to see the works proceed in an efficient and sustainable way in this exciting project.

“For me as a contractor, it's a huge advantage that we can control the volumes. Using new technologies makes the project more sustainable.”

Thanks to the hard work of the specialists and the use of Topcon products, overall efficiency in this unique project has greatly improved.