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Capture reality at vehicle speeds

Simply map, extract and deliver

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Collect data without stopping traffic

This mobile mapping system offers high-density, high-precision point clouds, combined with high-resolution panoramas from a smaller, lighter system that is easier to handle.

The IP-S3 positioning system integrates an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), GNSS receiver (GPS and GLONASS), and a vehicle odometer. It provides precise positioning and attitude in a dynamic environment.


The rotating LiDAR sensor captures the environment with a rate of 700,000 pulses per second. During each rotation, the 32 internal lasers cover the full 360 degrees around the system, each from a slightly different viewing angle. This minimizes gaps in the point cloud which arise from obstacles or dead angles and removes the need for multiple scanners.


With a six-lens digital camera system the IP-S3 provides 360-degree, high-resolution spherical images that allow easy feature recognition. Mobile Master Office software handles all post-processing trajectories and georeferencing scans and images.

  • Integrated turnkey solution
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Minimized scanning shades from multiple lasers
  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Factory calibrated
  • Full integration of clouds and images
Collect data without stopping traffic

Speed up mapping workflows

Our mobile mapping systems are the perfect solution when a massive amount of asset data must be collected in a short amount of time. By mounting a mapping system with various integrated sensors (GNSS, laser scanner, camera, IMU, wheel encoders) to a vehicle, users get all field data quickly. Just drive at normal speeds and get locations and visual detail of all roadside features, with no need to revisit the field for missing points. Simple office software can then be used for viewing, processing, projecting and exporting data for GIS or CAD software.

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