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Emergency California Topnet Live Subscription Information

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Topcon named among The Top Construction Technology...

In the Media
Topcon MC-Max named in Equipment Today’s Contractors...

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Laying Out the Future

A proverb of the Native American Hopi Nation says: “All dreams spin out from the same web.” While the interpretation of that saying is open to discussion, one takeaway could be that our aspirations are — and should be — for the common good.

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A Learning Experience

Like any business steeped in technology, Topcon is continually changing and evolving, its products growing ever more sophisticated.

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Witness to History

The overwhelming majority of Topcon equipment at work today can be found on job sites around the world — projects ranging from massive development excavations to monitoring the smallest movement of a dam’s surface and everything in between.

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Bringing the Smooth

Until recently, motorists traveling southbound on I-5, in an area about a half-hour north of Portland, Oregon, were accustomed to making sure objects in the car were secure, beverages were covered and, afterward, any loose fillings were intact.

Topcon at Work
Checking In

As 21st century consumers, we’ve become accustomed to the notion of remote access. After all, most appliances today allow access via a smart phone (and Wi-Fi) to turn on lights at home, adjust a thermostat, pre-heat an oven — even take a peek inside a fridge to see what needs replacing.

Case Study
Increasing production and safety using a machine...

Europe’s biggest open-pit mine, Minas de Ríotinto, is based in a landscape with height differences up to 250 meters. In this capricious landscape, running a profitable operation while taking safety concerns is extremely challenging.