Sitelink3D v2 Haul Truck

You can go with the flow or control the flow.

Remotely monitor loads, deliveries and equipment utilization.

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Track productivity and drive profitability

Provide drivers with a completely hands-free, in-cab payload logger, and deliver a comprehensive haul monitoring and reporting solution for site managers, enabling them to make timely, well-informed decisions.

Haul Truck makes long term subscriptions a thing of the past. Utilizing the new Sitelink3D usage-based sales model, contractors only pay for the days that they use the service.

Top Features for Site Managers:

  • Easily create and maintain sites via the all new Sitelink3D web portal
  • Create customized Tasks tailored to each hauling operation
  • Monitor your entire fleet in real-time on the 3D map
  • Track the productivity of each operation with Sitelink3D real-time widgets

Top Features for Drivers:

  • Free Haul Truck App available for both iOS and Android
  • On-screen display
    • Map
    • Colored load and dump regions
    • Color-coded haul route
    • Haul/cycle count
  • Site Discovery allows use of a PIN to quickly connect to the work site upon arrival
  • Hands-free detection of load and dump zones
  • Records delays and comments

Top Benefits

  • Reduces costs by only charging for days the equipment is in use on site
  • A mobile app means no special hardware to purchase
  • Haul Truck accurately documents:
    • Dates, times and locations of each load and dump event
    • GPS locations along entire routes driven
    • Vehicle IDs and drivers’ names
    • Material types
    • Delays
  • Monitors equipment in real time and in 3D so managers can quickly identify operational inefficiencies
  • Tasks provide drivers with information tailored specifically to their assigned operations
  • Haul reports are viewable in the Sitelink3D web portal and can be downloaded to Excel for import into other software platforms
  • Reports include aggregated summaries and material shrink/swell calculations
  • Supports the main bed, plus up to two additional independent trailers

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