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A construction worker checks the layout of a foundation before concrete is poured

Getting started with digital layout

We’ve helped countless people transition from paper plans and tape measures into digital layout and QA/QC. Our streamlined workflows and lightweight instruments increase productivity and mobility on the jobsite. The ROI on digital workflows has never been clearer and more trusted than today, and it’s easier than ever to get started.

A construction worker uses a GTL-1200 to verify measurements on a concrete deck

Go further with digital layout

If you are managing multiple field crews or large-scale projects and running total stations for layout, digital workflows are for you. The intuitive operation and depth of capabilities integrate effortlessly into your workflows to help you coordinate multi-trade project teams working on synchronized sets of drawings. Increase your points per day and reduce unnecessary rework with Topcon.

Lay out more points faster

Avoid costly rework

Proven ROI

Building construction trades

Interior of a concrete building

Concrete contractors

Air conditioning and duct work inside a warehouse

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

Structural steel frame in a new building construction project

Structural steel

Crane in front of a glass and concrete building

Glaziers and curtainwall

Wood frame inside a new residential construction project

Construction framers and framing carpenters

Steel and cement frame of a new building construction project

General contractors

See our solutions in action

MAGNET and GT Series Building Construction Testimonial

Robotic Layout | Kobobel Fire Protection Case-Study

Improving accuracy on a historic building

Saving time and money with a field and office Topcon solution.

The workflow

Workflow including MAGNET Enterprise Cloud Transfer, layout and QA/QC, and Point Manager for Revit and AutoCAD

Layout with a robotic total station

LN-150 robotic total station

LN layout navigator

Compact, self-leveling, easy-to-set-up tool designed for jobsite layout and measuring.

GT-1200 robotic total station

GT robotic total station

High-speed, lightweight instrument to increase jobsite mobility and tackle applications from basic to advanced.

GTL-1200 scanning robotic total station

GTL scanning robotic total station

Single instrument for layout and reality capture on a single setup to streamline construction verification.

Layout with lasers

We offer different technologies for layout. Often people start with our rotating lasers and move to positioning technologies like robotic total stations and GNSS receivers.


Robotic Total Station for Building Construction

Robotic total station and scanner in one

Robotic total station with ultrasonic direct drive motors
LN-150 Layout Navigator
LN-150 Layout Navigator

3D layout system

Robotic total station with ultrasonic direct drive motors


Machine control, grade checking and construction lasers

MAGNET Enterprise
MAGNET Enterprise

Cloud-based data storage connecting field and office teams

Site layout file preparation
Point Manager
Point Manager

Point creator plug-in for Autodesk®

Rugged Tablets
Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets control total stations, GNSS receivers, scanners and data.
MAGNET Construct
MAGNET Construct

App for positioning layout and as-built applications
MAGNET Field Layout
MAGNET Field Layout

Guided layout field software

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