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Take your accuracy and performance to new levels with the next generation of GNSS technologies. Topcon provides core GNSS technologies to support custom applications, along with rugged enclosures and a full range of GNSS antennas and telemetry.

Precision navigation, guidance, automation and
asset management

Adding Topcon OEM GNSS satellite positioning technology to your high-performance customer
solutions and systems can expand the available range of functionality, applications, and markets.

Advanced Positioning
Satellite Technology

Feature-rich technology enables our products, and yours. As the original pioneer of dual-constellation and G3 triple-constellation integration, Topcon continues to deliver sophisticated GNSS receiver technology and designs.

Integrated, Cutting-edge Technology

Use Topcon technologies to support your application development. From GNSS sensors, to antennas and data links, we have solutions that offer a competitive edge. Our R&D commitment has resulted in developing embedded algorithms and receiver design to ensure robust GNSS technology offerings in the market today.

The final product can be greater than the sum of the parts. With our team of integration experts, we can ensure you get both the technology for your success and also the support required to achieve your integration goals.

Superior Performance and Support

Drive superior performance and support application development with Topcon technologies. Our advanced satellite positioning technology includes GNSS sensors, antennas and data links, and telematics applications to hone your competitive edge.

With our 24/7 focus on perfecting the ever-changing future of positioning technology, we will put you on the growth side of the market share equation.

Automation and Workflows

We strive to create products and technologies that strip away the complexities and intimidation of precision measurement, imaging, automation and workflows. We take pride in being a pioneer developer of 3D machine control and integrated GNSS receivers, and in our 80+ years of experience creating optical measurement systems. Our success is largely due to the attention we place on making it almost effortless for customers to quickly realise benefits – and more than that, making them eager to find ways to expand those benefits throughout their companies.

Precise technologies into your product line

Speed-to-market is critical to the success of your product but exceeding your customers’ expectations is what builds market share. More than ever, today’s expectations are focused on automation. Your competitors may already have an automation program – internally or with a partner. So the pressure is always on to do more than simply keep pace, but to win the race and grow your market share. Your customer is trusting that the product he selects can produce at a high level. His future depends on his equipment – your equipment – being turn-key ready to connect. Topcon systems and components provide your engineering team with the flexibility to quickly implement advanced automation technologies in your product line, right now.

Topcon Delivers

Technology Strategy | Product & System Design | OEM Components | Global Perspective

Technology Strategy

Our engineers and OEM leaders work with your executive teams to develop strategies that leverage our decades of experience in technology development and product design in combination with end-user insight and market analysis. The result is a customised plan for integrating our technologies into your current and future equipment.

Product and System Design

We take pride in mapping out designs and products that fill important technological needs for our customers and close the technology gaps in your equipment. Our engineering team brings global experience to the design process. We work closely with manufacturers’ product development teams to integrate automated technologies into both new and established equipment lines.

OEM Components

Not every company is in need of a fully customised product solution. Your equipment design may be best served with one of Topcon’s proven positioning components. We offer a wide variety of rugged, high-performance GNSS boards, receivers, antennas, telematics modules, and an array of sensors and measuring devices.

Global Perspective

Our research and engineering centers span the globe, providing an added appreciation for the fact that one size never fits all. This core element of our development projects is a key strength that adds great value for our OEM partners. We know our needs aren’t exactly your needs, and that your needs have global variants. That’s business as usual for us.

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Whatever your positioning needs,
Topcon offers choices that deliver

A wide spectrum of technologies ready to deliver industry-leading features to your custom application.

GNSS Antennas
GNSS Antennas

GNSS antennas for GPS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, and other constellations

Versatile OEM board with VHD heading determination, precise tracking

A compact, multi-constellation GNSS board for precise positioning

Compact GNSS dual-frequency receiver board
HiPer VR
HiPer VR

Light, versatile GNSS receiver with TILT
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver
MR-2 Modular GNSS Receiver

The MR-2 GNSS receiver futureproofs constellation tracking.

Topnet Live
Topnet Live

Subscription-based GNSS correction service


Universal manual guidance receiver for agriculture.

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