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Stay aware, even when you aren't there

Sitelink3D remotely syncs design files, assists operators and tracks site activities

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Remotely manage your job site

Sitelink3D is a web-based platform providing managers, personnel and other stakeholders with a suite of tools to help them effectively manage, monitor and support their job sites. Its secure, cloud-based data center provides site-wide data synchronization between all the site’s machines and users on a pay-by-the-day basis.

Site Support is an included remote desktop service that enables subject matter experts to remotely assist operators and troubleshoot any potential system issues while connected to an active site. Sitelink3D’s powerful Task feature automatically syncs design updates to every machine on site, then isolates the operator’s view to the precise details of their assigned Task.

Sitelink3D utilizes Topcon’s Service Point (pay-by-the-day) sales model which is fueled by banked credits customers use to purchase the exact amount of service they require. New services such as the recently released Haul Truck and Support Desk solutions reduce up-front investment by allowing users to pay by the day for connected machines. The Haul Truck app is the first Sitelink3D service that reduces equipment and installation costs by allowing users to bring their own devices (BYOD) for service access.

Top features

  • Pay-by-the-day for machines connected to basic and advanced sites
  • Site Support desktop sharing
  • Automated design data synchronization
  • Real-time 3D job site monitoring
  • Real-time productivity dashboard widgets
  • Detailed Excel-friendly reports
  • Support Desk – optional, pay-by-the day service

Stay on top of job sites activities with these benefits

  • Pay-by-the-day for connected machines
  • Remote visibility, support and training for multiple job sites
  • Reduction of supervisory headcount due to consolidated dashboard
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Real-time productivity widgets provide a summary of critical metrics
  • Job site activity and event details are accurately and securely recorded
  • Asbuilt data is continuously recorded throughout the life of the project
  • Time and productivity metrics can be imported into accounting software applications
  • Billing and estimation validation/accuracy

Sitelink3D Insights

Building custom site reports directly in Excel? Wanting to QA your data? Needing to filter on certain machines, lifts, areas, tasks, delays, localizations or designs? Looking for areas of poor GPS performance at your site? Sitelink3D Insights provides Topcon users with easy access to detailed raw and processed data at Sitelink3D sites. It's as simple as a few clicks. Enjoy the freedom to easily format, visualize, automate, and create reports directly within Excel, taking your service point investment to the next level.

Download machine-level information into Excel for additional analysis or use in other systems.

Connect with Sitelink3D and Topnet Live

The SL-25 provides bi-directional communication with Sitelink3D and enables GNSS correction services via Topnet Live. This 4G modem works with the MC-X1 controller commonly found in MC-X machine control systems.

Connect with Sitelink3D and Topnet Live

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