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Paving: We’ve got it covered

Industry-leading machine control, software and web-based services help you deliver ultra-smooth, high-quality, accurate paving solutions faster and more efficiently

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This is paving

The Topcon full-workflow solution delivers enhanced accuracy and material management to make finished roads more durable, usable and safe. Watch the video to discover more.

10,000 tons a day: renovating a major runway at Brussels Airport

Willemen Infra and Top-Off milled 10,000 tons a day to complete 90% of this runway renovation at Brussels Airport in just five days. See how they achieved it here.

The race to resurface Silverstone

Iconic British F1 Grand Prix venue Silverstone replaced its entire 87,000m2 track surface with the world’s smoothest paving in just three days and two nights. Specialist contractors using Topcon’s SmoothRide technology met exacting safety and performance standards in record time.

Solutions for every step of your paving project

Collect road surface data without lane closures

With SmoothRide, you can efficiently deliver the smoothest paving finish possible. Scan kilometres of road in traffic without leaving the vehicle and automatically use that data to optimise the milling or paving workflow. Survey today, pave tomorrow and leave behind the perfect surface.

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Identify thermal segregation issues before they occur

Temperature monitoring solutions improve paving quality by giving contractors accurate surface temperature data to help them prevent segregation failure. Learn how Thermal Mapper’s real-time data analysis minimises the risk of future surface failure.

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Centralise paving process data for maximum efficiency

Bring together mixing plants, logistics and paving performance data on one simple dashboard in real-time and manage your project wherever you are with Pavelink.

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Optimise compaction

Intelligent Compaction captures the temperature, compaction values, and position of the roller to achieve the required number of passes. By interlinking with the other rollers it coordinates them live to deliver consistent compaction throughout.

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Why Pave with Topcon?

Topcon’s solutions are your go-to for long-lasting roads and efficient, cost-effective paving projects.

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