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The Future of Machine Control

An original report exploring where we are,
where we’re going and how we’ll get there.

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The Future of Machine Control

Machine control helps us build more efficiently and more sustainably, and is crucial for bridging the skills gap.
But adoption remains low.

So what are we waiting for?

To find out, we asked 1,000 decision makers in construction companies across Europe how they're currently using machine control, what’s stopping it being used more, and what they think it’ll take for the sector to embrace it in the future.

This report is what we found.

Our research shows that most contractors are using machine control technology on less than 25% of their projects

“Only by working with stakeholders at all levels can the construction sector ensure that machine control fulfils its potential and helps to create the profitable, sustainable future we all want to see.”



Luc Le Maire, Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Positioning Solution Business Unit EMEA
Topcon Positioning Systems

Contractors chose machine control as the no.1 factor in helping the industry meet sustainability targets

“With every piece of unnecessary rework, you’re multiplying the volume of materials used, and with that the emissions that come from producing them, transporting them to site and deploying the machinery needed to undo and redo the work. Machine control is crucial to achieving the required level of accuracy first time around.”


Jean-Luc Durand, Survey Lead
VINCI Construction Terrassement Grands Projects

70% agree that legislators
could be doing more

“By subsidising hardware and software, or highlighting machine control adoption more specifically in tendering guidelines, governments and industry figures can lead the drive towards a more productive, connected construction industry.”


Landry Ayeba, Chef de Mission Topo/Etude
Colas Ltd