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Feed smart, Feed easy.

Get Going with Precision Feeding

Feed expenses account for about 50% of a farm’s input.

With multiple factors affecting feeding, it can be a difficult process for farmers to manage. Take back control with a complete precision feeding solution.

Tap in to paperless feed management

Streamline workflow efficiency through direct data exchange, while easily managing associated tasks and reports for increased efficiency.

From loading and tracking to logging and optimization, Topcon provides dairy farmers with a streamlined approach that connects load mixers with management software, helping you work smarter and faster.

Learn about the benefits that precision feeding can deliver to your dairy farm and download an ebook.

Our customers are saying:

Tom Van den Breemer Dairy farmer sees soaring milk production with TAP FEED's precision feeding


Every dairy farmer knows that consistent, accurate feeding is the key to maximising milk production and quality. But achieving this, especially with multiple employees involved, can be a challenge. For Tom Van den Breemer, this was the reality at his family farm until they switched to TAP FEED.



Available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

Easy to use with the most relevant features for feed management, and supporting also the latest line-up of Topcon/Digi-Star displays and weigh convertors, the TAP FEED app helps you adopt paperless feed management quickly and easily.

The TAP FEED app is compatible with most mobile devices and is available for free on both Android and iOS through the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Manage key operating costs, reduce waste and improve production

TAP FEED fuses management software with load mixer integration. Now you can manage ingredients, recipes, feeding groups, feed lists, load mixers, feeding periods, operators, and more. TAP FEED also helps you create and export comprehensive reports on ingredients usage, loads, dry matter intake per head, ration delivery, group delivery, and operator accuracy.

Discover the available TAP FEED subscriptions and find the solution that best supports your dairy farming.

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