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Topcon Ireland Showcases Latest Technologies at CQMS 23

Topcon Ireland hit the road recently, taking our latest construction, positioning and agriculture technologies to the CQMS 23 event at Molloy’s Quarry in Tinnycross, Tullamore.

Across the two-day event, which took place on the 21st and 22nd April, thousands of visitors had the opportunity to meet and chat to our team of experts and see live demonstrations of how our technologies can improve accuracy, productivity and efficiency on jobs.

One of those technologies was our latest machine control solution, Topcon MC-Max. The system enables operators to see a machine’s exact position in relation to the site for precise positioning through a brand-new, simple user interface. Attendees were given the chance to explore how the technology offers increased processing power, speed, accuracy, versatility, and reliability, as well as its flexible mounting solutions.

Visitors were also able to see how machines can be remotely accessed using software like Topcon Sitelink3D v2 – our real-time, cloud-based data management ecosystem. Thanks to onboard connectivity, the automated machine control system fitted to the Komatsu PC138 excavator in the demonstration zone was live streamed on the Topcon stand via Sitelink3D v2, so visitors could explore how the task feature allows them to monitor design updates to machines on-site in real-time, keep track of every stage of a project, and react immediately to any changes.

Despite the changing weather, which saw sunshine and blue skies on Friday turn to rain on Saturday, our team had a packed couple of days demonstrating the benefits of the Topcon Hybrid solution, our new Topnet Live GNSS network, range of lasers, field controllers, total stations, and auto-steering guidance technology. Our weighing solutions were also on display, with the Wel-Tech team available to answer any questions from attendees.

Thank you to everyone who attended the show and visited our stand – we’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Click here to see the full range of Topcon technologies and drop us a message if you’d like to explore any in further detail.

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