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Reduce inputs. Reallocate manual labour with GNSS.

With margins tightening and inputs ever-increasing farmers need a turnkey solution. Proven through widespread commodity crop adoption, not to mention nearly every progressive machine-based industry in the world, GNSS guidance, autosteering and control is the next logical step for transplanting farmers. The solution reduces manual labour required to physically outline fields and provides a streamlined setup through an easy-to-use task planning interface, further improving efficiency. Users can also expect reductions in fuel and the input transplanted through the reliability of GNSS offering fewer mistakes and corrections. Lastly, reallocate the manual labour for other tasks.


Use cases

Christmas Trees

Cherry Trees



Post Hole Digging

Soil Sampling

Increase production through precision

Reliable precision

Ex. 20 units through standard, linear pattern

Reliable precision

Ex. 25 units through progressive, angular pattern (Potentially more production in the same space)

Use case:
Christmas tree transplanting

Efficiency Increased
Building plans within ISO-UT interface (i.e. directly in the console) versus physically marking and measuring sites on the field. Controlling the tree transplanting implement via an easy-to-use interface.

Production Increased
By planting in a tighter, angular pattern, increasing trees planted and better utilising arable land.


transplanted trees

9 hours

(~500 trees per hour)

Why Topcon transplanting?

Inputs are skyrocketing and margins are squeezing. Specialty farmers need a turnkey solution that reduces labour, boosts efficiency and increases production.

GNSS-based guidance, autosteering and control has been proven through countless industries and applications. Because of price, frequency and labour prevalence, industry adoption tends to trail. Transplanting, post hole digging and soil sampling operations can benefit immensely from this now affordable technology.

System components overview


The Topcon solution leverages a 20-year legacy in proven 
and increasingly affordable GNSS-based guidance and autosteering technology.

Control system

Universal ISOBUS-based controller for a wide range 
of transplanting applications and scenarios.

Transplanting solutions

Topcon offers 3 Transplanting options – hydraulic on the go, manually on the go, or stop and go. The software runs in UT at every standard ISOBUS console with NMEA2000 and Rapid Update.

Transplanting is perfect for:

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