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Building beautiful homes in a matter of weeks

Here’s a question: with our global population growing so rapidly, and with construction as one of the least automated industries, how do we make sure we can provide everyone with a roof over their heads in the future?

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Topcon Workplace | MAGNET Field

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Ready for steady take-off? Runway Resurfacing at...

Frankfurt Airport is one of the greatest hubs of international transport, so there’s always a lot going on. It is Germany’s largest and busiest airport, and one of the largest in Europe. Around 60 million passengers are welcomed here every year.

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Laser scanning the centuries in ancient Rome

Alongside one of Rome’s most ancient roads, you can find a building that bursts with history: the Torre Salaria, a tower on the Via Salaria.

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Lofty Solution

Keeping in line with its commitment to evolving technology, Missouri-based Anderson Engineering committed to drone technology earlier than most, purchasing their first vehicle about 3½ years ago.

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Street Smarts

As part of a pilot program to prove the applicability of laser scanned data in a Smart Cities project, Wales-based Gwalia Surveyors, recently took to the streets of the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York.

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Tech on Tour

Think of it as the best of both worlds: an opportunity to learn firsthand about the dramatic advances being made in positioning and control equipment/systems for construction, earthmoving, survey, etc., and the ability to try those technologies out in a truly interactive environment.

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Capturing The Past

Historic Livermore winery building lives on in a 3D point cloud

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For tight tolerances, there’s far more in the Dalles

When it comes to airport paving projects, accuracy in grade and slope is the great equalizer. FAA specifications dictate the tolerances to which runways and taxiways must conform and those rules govern projects both large and small.