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Proven precision measurement with a plan

Our modular products create customisable solutions

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Topcon’s precision legacy

Farmers are affected by economic, environmental, social, and political factors.  They need solutions that reduce inputs, increase production, and promote sustainability. At its core, precision agriculture optimises profitability and efficiency through measurement technology.


Proven precision agriculture solutions

Topcon can count more than 90 years of experience in surveying and over 40 years in developing vital agriculture technology for crop and livestock production. We are committed to bringing effective solutions for global agriculture through key applications in soil preparation, seeding, crop care, harvest, and feed management.

Modular and connected

We offer a wide range of measurement technology backed by ever-expanding global support. Through a wealth of experience and internal expertise, we have a clear plan: simplify connectivity and develop open platforms with flexible, modular designs to suit the varying needs of farming.

What agriculture technology do you need?

Explore how our systems, software, and services can benefit your operation. Learn more about how we can make it more efficient by exploring the links.

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Connected feed and livestock weighing

We offer reliable feed mixer and livestock weighing systems. Combine with our feed management software to eliminate manual activities and optimise profitability.