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Simple process, smart design, smooth results

3D sonic paving and milling

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Breakthrough technology for smooth paving and milling

This complete solution is revolutionising the road resurfacing industry. The modern RD-MC system fully maximises the capabilities of our 3D-MC technology and delivers better results throughout the paving and milling process. You save time, lower costs, and increase safety.

RD-MC is perfect for mainline paving or milling projects with long sections of road that need to be resurfaced. You’ll stay productive, ahead of schedule, and substantially improve material management.

The paver system is built on our industry-leading sonic tracker for tight vertical control and GNSS to deliver deliberate positional guidance. The milling machine system similarly uses blade-based sensors. Both versatile solutions accurately place or remove variable amounts of asphalt according to the design - the modern way to pave or mill.

  • Delivers variable-depth milling and variable-thickness paving
  • Eliminates the need for bulky averaging skis
  • Accounts for differential compaction
  • Provides consistent smoothness for miles of paving or milling
  • Maximises man-hours and materials
  • Eliminates the need for rework
  • Achieves rideability and satisfies strict regulatory guidelines

Save time, reduce equipment, achieve rideability

Traditional methods to achieve smoothness are no longer providing the quality control often desired by regulatory authorities. Our RD-MC system utilises rugged hardware with intuitive software for a complete solution that is customisable for success.

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