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How accurate do you need to be?

Flexible correction services for every crop production application.

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Why use Topcon?

We offer the range of reliable correction service networks that allow you to find the perfect accuracy for your operation.

Proven and reliable

As a requirement of precision control accuracy, Topcon has developed strong correction service expertise. We now have decades of experience supporting reliable networks, from local to global.

Range of options

Topcon offers tailorable services to fit any operation, machine and application. They range from localised RTK base stations to expansive networks that include subscription-based cellular and satellite service.

Find the right accuracy for your activities

Our portfolio gives you access to options that allow you to find the right level of accuracy for your operation. Agriculture activities differ in terms accuracy requirements, and we can help you find the right service.

Find your sweet spot

Your required level of accuracy depends upon your solution and your application.

Our satellite, cellular, and local correction services range from 15 cm to 1 cm pass to pass accuracy.

No matter your agriculture activity and scenario, we’ll have you covered.

Satellite network

Service type

Pass to pass accuracy (Subscription)
15 cm (Topnet Live Starpoint)
2.5 cm (Topnet Live Starpoint Pro)

RTK infill accuracy (Subscription)
15 cm (Topnet Live Skybridge)
15 cm - 2.5 cm (Topnet live Skybridge Pro)

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Cellular network

Service type

Pass to pass accuracy (Subscription)
2 cm (Topnet Realpoint)
2.5 cm (Topnet Live Starpoint Pro)

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Local network (Mobile)

Service type

Local (Mobile)

Pass to pass accuracy (Product)

1 cm (HiPer VR)

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Local network (Fixed)

Service type

Local (Fixed)

Pass to pass accuracy (Product)

1 cm (MR-2)

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