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The future of construction, today: automated machine control

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At Bauma 2019, Topcon Positioning Group announced the launch of a new, automated edition of the 3D modular machine control system — the X-53x Auto Excavator. The system has since been installed on the Komatsu PC138US-11 and was recently demonstrated to Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd customers at a demo day in Walsall. 

The future of construction is here with the Topcon X-53x. The technology uses some of the same components as our original machine control system, but has been designed and developed with the addition of hydraulic, automated control.

With easy-to-use fingertip operation, the system provides automated depth control so digging to a grade in flat, stepped or sloped applications is done precisely and reduces operator fatigue. This next-level machine control also minimises the risk of over-digging, while improving productivity and helping to save time, money and materials.

Simon Pole, Topcon’s machine control support and training supervisor, attended the day to support the Marubeni-Komatsu Ltd team in delivering a demonstration on how the technology is improving efficiency and accuracy for machine operators. Customers who came along to the training site were given the chance to learn more about the innovative equipment, and operate the machine themselves.

The day was a great success for the Marubeni-Komatsu team, and we’re looking forward to working with them and their customers to help make earthworks more efficient and help the industry deliver accurate projects on-time and on-budget.

Click here to learn more about the Topcon X-53x Auto Excavator machine control system or to book a demo click here.