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Meet the Topcon Team: Petya Spencer

Ready to meet the next Topcon team member? Today we’re introducing you to Petya Spencer, Topcon’s GB Marketing Manager.  

Petya works closely with the Topcon sales, support and operations teams to promote our range of geopositioning and construction solutions to the UK market, including machine control, surveying and cloud software technology. Read on to find out more about Petya and her role.  

Hi Petya, please could you tell us about your role at Topcon and what that involves? 

Hello! I’m the Marketing Manager for Topcon Positioning GB. My role involves a whole range of things, such as delivering campaigns around our core solutions, arranging media interviews with our technology experts and organising our stands at industry events like GEO Business and Hillhead. 

What’s your favourite thing about working for Topcon? 

The people – my colleagues are the best in the world! In all regions, from America to Holland and across the UK, the teams are incredible and extremely friendly and helpful. I know that whenever I need help or have a question, there’s always someone that I can reach out to and rely on for support. 

I'm extremely proud of what I do and to work for Topcon. If you’re happy at work then everything else just falls into place and working with great people makes everything so much easier. 

How do you go above and beyond for customers? 

Our team has a culture of doing anything and everything to support our colleagues and customers at any time of day – it’s the norm at Topcon. Even if I’m off-site at an event or outside of working hours, I always have my phone on me and would always do anything to help and I know my colleagues would do the same.  

How do you spend your time outside of work?  

I love yoga and meditation. It’s helped me so much with managing and overcoming stressful situations and has boosted my confidence too. I’m travelling to Bali with a friend for a yoga retreat in the winter and I can’t wait! 

Keep up to date with everything Petya is up to by connecting with her on LinkedIn.  

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