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Gaining a complete overview of the harvest

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Have you ever thought about real-time yield mapping? So that you would already know during grain harvest whether and how your fertiliser and crop protection strategy has proved successful. And at the same time, you could create yield maps in real time and use them as a basis for future cultivation decisions.

All this is made possible by a universal yield monitoring system YieldTrakk. Whether as a retrofitting solution or already integrated ex works: YieldTrakk fits almost every combine currently available, regardless of make and model. The system provides state-of-the-art yield and moisture monitoring and mapping in real-time!

YieldTrakk is integrated with the Topcon Horizon operating system in the X-console and displays yield and moisture values in separate data sets. Automatic header width control significantly increases the accuracy of yield data by controlling and tracking the width and area cut in up to 16 sub-sections, generating accurate yield data. In addition to the YieldTrakk YM-1, the X-console and an optical sensor, all that is needed is a moisture sensor.

Important: YieldTrakk uses the industry standard ISOXML. This means it will work also with other ISOBUS displays in the market that are capable of processing the YieldData on ISOBUS.

All data can be exported to the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) to be processed. The Topcon X-consoles can also export the data in Shape-file format to be used in the software of your choice incase ISOXML is not supported by your software.

If you are interested in real-time yield mapping, now is the right moment to learn more about how it works and get your YieldTrakk system mounted on your combine.