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Communication and collaboration: the keys to connected working

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Connected working is what happens when office and field operate in tandem. The key to developing true connected working is developing excellent communication and collaboration processes — with technology the element that ties everything together.

When teams have real-time access to one another, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, the potential for project success is amplified. At Topcon Positioning, we help construction businesses become truly connected with seamless field-to-office collaboration.

Why connecting multiple teams is important

When field and office are not connected, there is a discord between the design and the build. Changes to design can be miscommunicated or missed, and changes to the build can sometimes be logged incorrectly. These cause massive headaches further down the line, when the plans and the reality don’t match up.

By creating a truly connected workforce, the potential for error is reduced. Cloud-based solutions mean that everyone on a project has access to the most up-to-date drawings, designs and models and can annotate any changes directly from the field or office for all to see.

Bringing digital solutions on board is the best way to manage data effectively. In turn, this helps project managers keep a tight grip of their site and easily identify ways to enhance productivity and produce a higher quality end result of build.

This improves productivity, by cutting wasted hours, profitability, by reducing errors, and accountability, by empowering team members to take control.

How our tools help

Our new and updated MAGNET 7 software suite contains a product for every type and size of site. Our field, web and office solutions work individually or together to create a powerful suite of insight and connectivity.

All of our MAGNET softwares come with free use of MAGNET Enterprise for the first year. The solution integrates all elements of a project from field, office, machine, instrument and third-party software, to ensure the project team is always working from the same page.

This is absolutely vital in the quest for connected working. By creating a secure cloud environment that connects your office and field teams, MAGNET Enterprise improves your site’s communication and collaboration, resulting in a more producing and more profitable workflow.

How it works

Using a secure cloud-based environment, you can create a workspace that connects office and field teams simultaneously. Data from your connected Topcon devices is readily available, giving an instant view of a project’s progress. You can see visual maps of your projects with geo-referenced datasets — and you can make changes to models that are instantly shared with field users, so working from old drawings becomes a thing of the past.

To find out how our MAGNET 7 software could help your business, get in touch with our team today.

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