Field and Office Connected

Finish on time, deliver on budget

Get full control over

your construction data

Construction is all about data and how it flows between the field and office. Projects have data at every turn, whether it’s for surveying, designing, earthworks planning or construction. Get control over your data flow and secure cost savings of up to 30% with cloud-based MAGNET software solutions.

MAGNET: A digital workflow to increase your profitability

Your project’s success is based on accurate data and efficient workflows, this one-stop solution will revolutionize the profitability of your projects. With MAGNET, you can efficiently manage project data and collaborate in real time with all members of your project team.

MAGNET software suite consists of Field, Enterprise and Office applications and you can pair the solution with your high-accuracy field technology such as GNSS, total stations and scanning as well as with machine control systems.
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Better data, better projects

With Topcon, you can pair the highest accuracy field instruments with state of the art MAGNET software, and operate with one file format across your project. Better data makes better projects.

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MAGNET Enterprise:
Experience a better way to collaborate

Connect your team with real-time access to project data

Connect office and field applications seamlessly to provide clear, direct and real-time communication. MAGNET Enterprise is a secure cloud solution that utilizes any web browser to share, review and convert data in real time across teams – saving valuable time and money.

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MAGNET Field: Collect and share accurate survey data

A complete field solution for survey professionals 

Designed to accelerate productivity on site, MAGNET Field is an advanced field application software that helps you collect accurate data and perform construction and road layout using total stations, levels, and GNSS receivers. Easy data handling even in large and complex 3D projects maximizes your on-site productivity.

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MAGNET Office: Putting you
in charge of project data

From data processing and design to optimized earthworks

Improve efficiency for all construction projects, whether your company is small, mid-size, or large. With MAGNET Office, it’s easy to move data safely between phases without valuable information getting lost on the way.  
MAGNET Office seamlessly integrates with your Sitelink3D and Haul Truck mass haul systems providing better oversight for project managers. Digital terrain modeling, surveyor workflows and new paving IRI calculations for resurfacing also vastly improve efficiency and versatility, making MAGNET Office the perfect tool for keeping teams in constant real-time communication, no matter the project.

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Our Customers are Saying

“The strength of the MAGNET Field software is taking the plans of what you are trying to accomplish and seeing it accurately and productively come to fruition. MAGNET’s biggest draw is how it integrates everything together. If you are not working with integration in the future, you are left behind."

Scott Schumacher 
Land Surveyor at Pyramid Contractors 

“The data and the workflow is more efficient… machine control 3D modelling with MAGNET Office helps us catch mistakes before they become mistakes."

Steven Baxter
Accurate GPS Modeling

“After making calculations with MAGNET, we managed to get the best mass balance possible."

Tom-Arne Gullord 
Project engineer at Skanska Norway 

Norway’s biggest road
project so far

Riksvei 3 is one of Norway’s biggest national roads. Spanning 291 kilometres, it is the main connection for passenger car traffic between Oslo in the south and Trøndheim in the north. It is also a crucial road for much of the country’s freight transport. An important part of the road is now being improved.

See how Skanska used MAGNET Project Software to optimise mass transport.

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