Seed Drilling (Artemis)

Universal seed drill control

ISOBUS-based monitoring and control for a wide range of pneumatic seed drill implements.

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Seed according to plan

Seeding is key and begins the cropping cycle followed by further precision tasks and operations before finally harvest.

Crops require to be placed in the correct soil conditions and at the correct application rate for optimum growth and yield performance.

Topcon Artemis provides monitoring and electric drive variable rate control for up to four (4) products with ISOBUS compatibility for a wide range of pneumatic seeder’s and ISO displays. Also capable of importing predefined treatments or “prescription” maps for complete variable application rate control.

When coupled with the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) prescription maps can be created and sent directly to the cab through TAP and Topcon hardware. Alternatively, prescription maps can be created by other FMIS packages and transferred via USB for Artemis to operate from.

  • Accurate monitoring and control for seed drills
  • ISOBUS compatibility
  • Optional integration of blockage sensors to ensure accurate seeding
  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions including Data Management

Consider wise guidance

Topcon brings guidance solutions with decades worth of development, including proven autosteering for nearly any agricultural machine. Explore the range of GNSS receivers, controllers, corrections services, high-quality displays and easy-to-use operating software for a tailored fit.

Take control of farm data

The Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) is an easy-to-use tool to organise, visualise and make better farm management decisions based on data from across the entire farming operation. It’s all about constant connectivity, any data format, clear visualisation, and secure sharing.

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