Row Crop Planting

Universal Row Crop Planting Control

ISOBUS-based control including real-time monitoring and compatibility with Topcon guidance and digital farm management technology

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Plant according to plan

Planting is essential as the first phase of the farming cycle and often the beginning of the workflow that successive precision tasks and operations will follow. Crops require an optimized start with adequate area to develop without competition; row crop planting control provides accurate singulation and spacing to seed according to ever-advancing plans.

The Topcon Row Crop Planting solution, using the Apollo CM-20 controller and CAN motor(s), provides electric-drive auto-section and variable rate control for planting implements with up to 24 motors, including up to three granular control channels.

Additionally, the solution can interface with optical sensors fitted in drop tubes to provide information on mechanical metering singulation performance (skips and doubles). Designed for universal compatibility, the solution is built under ISOBUS protocol, including ISO-UT functionality for display flexibility. Equipped with individual row motor drives, seed population is easily adjusted either manually or automatically when referencing prescription maps. With auto-section control, variable rate control, and turn compensation, the solution is focused on core planting features that provide the highest value for boosting crop uniformity and yield.

When coupled with the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP), farmers can upload various data such as soil, yield, and as-applied to improve planting decisions. Prescription maps can be created and sent directly to the cab through TAP and Topcon hardware.


  • Accurate and reliable planting control including row-by-row mapping and logging
  • Proven, leading hardware
  • Digital farm management integration (TAP)
  • Universal display compatibility (ISO-UT Compatibility)
  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions

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