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Introducing MC-Max Excavator


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Excavator control system built to keep you in control

As the demand for construction projects continues to grow and the pool of available skilled workers gets smaller, the flexible MC-Max Excavator solution helps you secure more projects and increase your site productivity.

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Cutting a complex surface with Automatic Control ? See how it works

See how MC-Max Excavator automatic control enables you to automatically dig to any design grade surface. Simply load a grade or design file onto the onboard controller and the system takes control to dig to the exact design grade.

Automatic Machine Control - Discover the technology behind

Discover the technology behind MC-Max Excavator automatic control and see how the individual components work together to give perfect results at the touch of a button.

MC-Max Excavator adapts to your application

Why machine control?

Successful construction projects require effective planning for the crew, the timeline, the equipment and the material.

Seamless connectivity

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