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Accelerate Your Productivity.

Our advanced technology and workflows immediately boost productivity and accelerate your ability to get jobs done ahead of schedule, with less labour, and better profitability.

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The Topcon Hybrid Positioning™ Suite 

The Topcon Hybrid Positioning™ suite of solutions uses both GNSS and robotics in a unified system so that you can capture the shot, regardless of tree cover, loss of line of sight, or hard-to-reach points. And in the rare instance of losing prism lock, the GNSS information allows the robotic instrument to relock with unprecedented speed.

The transformative potential of our technology can boost productivity and make an immediate impact and position customers for success. Higher level of automation results in greater speed and precision of projects along with increased accuracy. By adapting and adopting this technology, customers and the industry will survive and thrive moving forward.

Hybrid Positioning

Work Faster with Better Accuracy

This new hybrid positioning solution brings several improvements to your workflow. First, measurements are easier and faster: the tracking speed of the GT Series robotic total station, and TILT™ leveling in the HiPer HR GNSS receiver, allow you to move faster from point to point and capture each point faster as well.

We've made your interface easy to read and easier to navigate with the large, bright FC-6000. With an improved communications range, you can do more work with fewer setups.

Our MAGNET Field software streamlines your most-used routines and assures fast, easy data connection from office to field to office. Whether your company uses Autodesk or Bentley or Topcon, our integration is seamless.

Better overall performance delivers more profit to your bottom line.