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Meet the Topcon Team: Trevor Wilson

The next instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ series is a National Apprenticeship Week special, in which we’ll be introducing you to Trevor Wilson.  

Trevor is Topcon Positioning GB’s first apprentice. Since joining as a trainee sales consultant in 2019, he’s been cutting his teeth on our geopositioning equipment and getting his head around how the business operates. Read on to find out more.

Hi Trevor! Can we start with a little about you and how you came to join Topcon?  

It was a conversation with my Grandad that kicked it all off. I was completing my Level 3 DEC BTEC course at Cronton College when he suggested that, instead of architecture, I should look into surveying. It was just by chance that, a couple of weeks later, The Survey Association Survey School came in to talk about Survey Week, which was being supported by Topcon. 

I stuck my hand up with the intention of finding out if it was right for me and met Gareth Hughes and Dave Bennett, who demonstrated some of the Topcon kit. I liked it straight away and got chatting with them about what was involved in qualifying as a surveyor.  

A couple of weeks later, Topcon called my tutor with news that the team wanted to employ me and was willing to take me on as an apprentice, so I could keep up my education at the same time. I’ve always wanted to stay in education for as long as possible, so it was the perfect fit.  

How have you found it since you started?

The first thing I learnt is that it’s not just total stations! There’s so much more to Topcon and that was one of the first things I said after I joined - that I wanted to know about all solutions and every area of the business. I’ve already had a real mix of experience, including the sales side of things, service and repair, and I’ve even helped with a bit of accounting.  

Next stop, machine control and paving!   

What’s been the best thing you’ve learnt so far?

The best thing I’ve learnt is that I’ve got so much more to learn. Every door I’ve opened on the geopositioning side reveals loads more to open elsewhere, which is really exciting.  

I’ve also loved getting my hands on some of the survey kit – I even had my own LN-150 at home, which I used to survey my own house and then process the results through the MAGNET platform.  

What’s your favourite thing about working for Topcon?

For me, it’s the style of teaching that sets it apart. There’s always so much support available, and everyone is there to help guide me through every step, rather than just sending me out onto a site with a set of instructions. If I ever need advice, I’ve got four or five people ready at the other end of the phone who can help me solve a problem.  

The team is also understanding of my educational goals outside of work. Whenever I tell them about something I need to achieve for my apprenticeship, everyone is committed to helping make it happen for me. For example, over the two-year course, I’m likely to achieve three A-levels instead of one because the team is always pushing and helping me do more.  

What does the Topcon way mean to you?

It was Topcon’s willingness to take me on and achieve essentially what was a dream for me when I first spoke to them during Survey Week. Everyone who works for Topcon is there to support everyone else, and that included me from minute one, which is fantastic. I’ve been able to set up jobs for myself – like going into college to do a demo – and they’ve really encouraged me to take the initiative.  

What does your life look like outside of work, any hobbies?

I’ve got five dogs at home – Blue, Sky, Steve, Heskey and Bella – so every day is busy. I tend to get up early and take them out on a walk in the morning. Otherwise, I love a night in with my girlfriend, so I try to make time for that as well.  

Keep up to date with everything Trevor is up to by connecting with him on LinkedIn.