Thermal Mapper

high-risk thermal segregation issues

Thermal Mapper documents asphalt temperatures and improves paving project profitability

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Reduce premature
asphalt failure

The Thermal Mapper (TH-M1) complements paving workflows by monitoring asphalt temperature and thermal segregation during the paving process.

Asphalt that is too cold can harden too quickly, making it impossible to compact properly, and thermal segregation issues can point to future premature failure points. Monitoring these factors in real time helps paving project team members adjust mixes, deliveries, paver speed and other factors that contribute to a longer lifespan of the pavement laid.

The TH-M1 can provide clients and governing bodies with the information they need to certify the surfacing process meets the criteria needed to approve the completed project. Not only that, the Thermal Mapper’s data alongside the Pavelink platform and reporting will help contractors maximise profitability by removing remedial works for faulty material and unplanned delays.

The Thermal Mapper integrates with Pavelink. Pavelink Web allows access to the TH-M1 data.

The Thermal Mapper kit can be mounted on all brands of pavers and includes:

  • One communication and positioning kit
  • One thermal imaging camera
  • One processing unit that collects and combines position data and thermal images into a thermal profile
  • Integration with Pavelink Web

Some of the benefits of the Thermal Mapper kit include:

  • Thermal Mapper data is available on Pavelink Web
  • Online reports
  • Support for Veta files in Australia and the United States
  • Thermal segregation data is visible at the paver for quick decision making

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